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Year 5


Letter to the Queen

Four Redwings decided to ask the Queen if they could visit her at her home in London. Here they are holding the letter.

We still wait upon Her Majesty's reply, but who could possibly refuse to supply tea and biscuits to such wonderful children?

Well done, girls for producing such a beautifully written letter. 


Reflections in Maths


Year 5 ice skating in Worthing

Here are some pictures of our amazing day on ice in Worthing. There are plenty more pictures to be seen on the Year 5 events page so please have a look there. Well done to those acrobatic tumblers who scored 10 from all the judges for artistic merit.


Parents in school

As you may know from our tweets, parents have been joining in with our learning. Here are some keen parents joining in some dice games with children from Redwings class. 


As you can see from the images on the left, Year 5 are looking at reflections. These pegboards and elastic bands allow us to create and edit some complex polygons in lines of symmetry. It's a great challenge for the childrren and one that they really enjoy as you can see from the pictures.

A Strange Delivery


A strange delivery turned up in Year 5. It contained items that had been frozen within blocks of ice! Within each lay a clue... but a clue to what?

As the ice melted the answer became clear. Each revealed a clue to the ill-fated journey of the great Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. He was asking for volunteers to join him on his next Trans-Antarctic expedition.

We decided it would fit in nicely with our topic: Into the Ice, and wrote formal letters of application.

Since then we have been working on our physical fitness and studying the geography of the region.

We have plotted line graphs of the temperature to compare it with that of the UK. The verdict: Very chilly down there!

Glaciers may pose a threat to our safety with their slow moving compressed ice and huge cracks.

We are now writing explanations to let people know exactly why Antarctica is so dangerous.


Author visit from Nikki Sheehan

We were also lucky enough to receive a visit from the amazing local author, Nikki Sheehan.

She wrote Swan Boy and came to deliver an assembly and workshops to Year 5 classes.


Symmetry Investigation

Children have enjoyed the hands-onn approach to symmetry. Playing match the 3D shape with a buddy is the ideal way to have fun while your learning.


Penguin Art

Year 5 has been looking at the work of Frances Hatch. She has travelled to Antarctica and sketched the penguins and scenery.

We have copied her style with basic stick and ink tools to produce some amazing results.

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