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School chickens and guinea pigs on their holidays!

A message from Mrs Greenwood and her family who are looking after Squeak and Toffee:


'Squeak and Toffee are a great distraction to what is happening in the world.  They love nothing more than a cuddle and a tickle under their chin.  Both Darcey and Charlie are taking great care of them, cleaning out their home, re-filling water and food.  They are being really spoilt, as we are hand feeding them cucumber as a treat.  We have also bought them a new toy for being so well behaved.  Squeak and Toffee are enjoying lots of time in the run in the garden but we are careful not to leave them in direct sunlight.'








A message from Mrs Cooke and her family who are looking after some of the chickens:


'The chickens have settled in well and my children are loving them. Sometimes a little too much - they get a lot of cuddles! They've been temporarily renamed as Poppy and Oogina. They really are hilarious. I don't need to trim the garden borders anymore and snails are a thing of the past.  They really have been a welcome distraction here and they're welcome to stay as long as they want!'










A message from Mrs Ellman -Brown and Chloe who are looking after Bolt and Coco

Bolt and Coco are very happy and being very spoilt on their holidays us. We were very lucky that a kind friend has donated us an outdoor run for the guinea pigs to use.  They spend their days running up and down in the sunshine and keeping the lawn short. We all love looking after them and give them lots of cuddles and treats of fruit and vegetables to eat’

Ricardo supporting the Covid-19 response

Mr Thornton, a parent and governor of the school, works as a Test Engineer at local business Ricardo.  He is very proud of the company's contribution to the Covid-19 response.  They have worked with local NHS doctors to design and produce protective face shields.  Ricardo quickly converted its assembly lines and logistics to be able to manufacture and deliver much needed PPE equipment free to local care homes and NHS trusts. You can read more about this here: https://ricardo.com/ppe

If you are aware of anywhere within West Sussex in need of face shields please ask them to contact the PPE Support Team at Ricardo on ppesupport@ricardo.com

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