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Read Write Inc. Spelling

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At Buckingham Park Primary School,  we teach an exciting English programme called Read Write Inc. Spelling. It is taught each day in Years 2 to 6, and is closely matched to the National Curriculum spelling requirements.

Although the teaching of phoneme-grapheme (phonics) correspondence underpins this programme, it also develops children’s knowledge of word families, how suffixes impact upon root words, and provides mnemonics to remember the most difficult spellings.

The Read Write Inc. Spelling programme is taught through daily sessions, which last approximately 15-20 minutes and the teaching, revolves around instruction (with the help of online alien characters), partner and group practice, and competitive group challenges that help children commit new words to memory.

All units of learning follow the same format of fun activities, together with tips explaining when each spelling pattern is likely to be used.

Assessment is ongoing, with children having twice-weekly spelling “tests”, which are used to embed the learning of each unit. Therefore, one test assesses the children’s knowledge of the current unit being taught; the other relates to words that the teacher has noticed children continue to spell incorrectly, i.e. high frequency words, tricky words and words from previous taught units.

There are also half-termly assessments; these are used to inform the class teacher of any gaps in the children’s learning.

Parents can help support their children by practising the words in their child’s homework book each week.

Read Write Inc. has proven to be effective at raising standards in both reading and writing, and is being used successfully by many locality schools. All staff have received, and continue to receive, regular training on how to implement the programme.

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