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Our Curriculum


At Buckingham Park Primary School we aim to provide a curriculum that is creative in two senses.  Firstly, as educators, we wish to adopt a creative approach to teaching and learning itself, providing learning experiences that are engaging, exciting and enjoyable, whilst fulfilling our statutory requirement to follow the National Curriculum.  We believe that through the provision of this creative curriculum, we will foster creativity in a second sense; our curriculum will enable children at our school to become creative and independent thinkers and learners and sow the seeds for a lifelong love of learning.

 Children who are encouraged to think creatively and independently become:

  • more interested in discovering things for themselves;
  • more open to new ideas;
  • keen to work with others to explore ideas;
  • willing to work beyond lesson time when pursuing an idea.

As a result, their pace of learning, levels of achievement and self-esteem increase. We believe that our curriculum will enable children to make good progress with their learning and raise achievement in our school.

The National Curriculum sets out what pupils should be taught and the expected standards of pupils’ attainment for each year group. It is for schools to choose how they organise their school curriculum to include the programmes of study.

At Buckingham Park Primary, we follow a ‘topic-based’ approach to the curriculum.  This means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a topic.  The topics we choose depend on two factors: what areas of the National Curriculum we must cover and the interests and needs of the children.

Not all subjects can naturally ‘fit’ within a topic and so these subjects are taught separately.  For example, not everything in mathematics links effectively with a topic and so this runs separately, but is taught by the class teacher and links are made whenever possible.


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