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At Buckingham Park Primary School, we believe English is integral to a child’s learning process throughout the curriculum. Our aim is to develop confident, passionate pupils, ensuring they have the ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing, whilst developing their understanding of language to create enthusiastic, responsive and knowledgeable speakers, readers and writers. We aim to establish a home-school relationship with parents, who help support their children in reading and comprehension throughout their time at the school.

As a school, we place emphasis on reading as a major priority from the earliest years. The children’s early literacy experiences are established through the use of Read Write Inc. We believe this system encourages pupils to be keen, confident and able readers and writers. The programmes we use give the pupils a sound knowledge of phonics, which is the route to good word recognition and recall when learning to read. They also establish good talking and listening skills, giving children excellent grounding in language comprehension. All staff are trained to a high level and parents are also given training opportunities to ensure continuity and support at home.

Elements of RWI. used in our school:

  • RWI. Phonics - Reception to Year 1: A systematic and dynamic literacy programme rooted in phonics, designed to give every child the best start to the English education;
  • RWI. Spelling - Year 2 to Year 6: A daily programme to help with spelling success;
  • RWI. Literacy & Language (from September 2018) - Years 2, 3 and 4: A complete literacy programme for fluent readers; all children read, write and discuss texts with maturity. The programme will be rolled out progressively for Years 4 to 6;
  • RWI. Fresh Start: A successful intervention programme developed for struggling readers who are below age-related expectations.

English skills are also used frequently throughout the wider curriculum. We use creative and diverse ways to stimulate writing in a variety of subjects, using carefully selected stories, plays, poems and real experiences to encourage children to write with excitement and interest. Children are given opportunities to draft and redraft their work, improving sentence structure, grammar and punctuation as necessary. Through effective teacher feedback, children are aware of what they do well and how to improve. To maintain standards, the leadership team, staff and pupils are all involved in monitoring and moderating work and we celebrate writing with special display boards at the entrance of the school for all to see.

Read Write Inc. Phonics

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Read Write Inc. Phonics is a complete literacy programme, for 3 to 7 year-olds learning to read and write and for 7 and 8 year-olds needing to catch up quickly. Although reading is taught using synethic phonics, the programme is so much more than that. It covers all of the new National Curriculum requirements for language and literacy.

Programme progression:

Foundation Stage:

  • Read storybooks and non-fiction books closely matched to their developing phonic knowledge;
  • Take home Phonics storybooks to share;
  • Read with fluency and expression;
  • Learn to spell using known sounds;
  • Write confidently by practising what they want to write out loud first;
  • Work well with a partner.

Reception and Year 1:

Children become accurate and speedy readers and ready to move onto the Literacy and Language programme in Year 2.

Fidelity to the teaching programme, rigorous assessment, tracking and tutoring ensure that every child makes progress. One-to-one tutoring ensures that no children are left behind. Children have positive early experiences of learning to read – they are successful and progress quickly.

Read Write Inc. Literacy & Language

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Literacy and Language is a complete literacy programme for fluent readers – all children in Year 2 to Year 4 read, write and discuss texts with maturity. The programme is totally aligned to the new National Curriculum in a fun and meaningful way.

Literacy and Language:

  • Gives every child a deep understanding of what they read using the special ‘three reads’ approach;
  • Fully prepares every child for writing using a planning, drafting and revising method;
  • Teaches grammar in context so that children can apply it seamlessly in their own writing;
  • Supports the grammar and punctuation aspects of the Key Stage 1 and 2 tests;
  • Includes practice tests to build confidence prior to statutory assessment;
  • Creates articulate speakers where children justify their answers and learn how to debate.

Literacy and Language children write confidently and enthusiastically because they have something to say.

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