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History and Geography



We encourage the children to become historical detectives, discovering facts about the past for themselves and deciding upon the reliability of historical sources. This encourages children to think critically about the way in which historical facts are presented.

Through history we are able to provide opportunities for children to improve their skills in English, Mathematics and ICT along with thinking skills.

At Buckingham Park Primary School we believe that learning about history gives pupils the opportunity to develop an understanding of why the world and its inhabitants are the way they are today. We are implementing the new history curriculum. There is a focus on British history with the children gaining a chronological understanding of history from the Stone Age to the present day. Alongside British history, the children will also learn about different aspects of world history.

Within each academic year, children will learn about a number of different history topics through our creative curriculum. These topics are taught in alternation with geography topics.


At Buckingham, we aim to provide as many opportunities for children to enrich their learning by inviting experts into school to share their knowledge with the children along with organising trips to museums and other relevant places. This year's history trips include the Imperial War Museum, Brighton Pavilion and our local War Memorial in Shoreham.


Geography is the study of people, places and environments and the interactions between them. In a global world, it is important for children to learn about how both human and physical processes can affect landscapes and environments, deepening their understanding of the world around them. Through the geography curriculum at Buckingham Park, children will learn about the Earth's key physical and human processes, developing their geographical vocabulary and important geographical skills such as using maps, globes and compasses.

Within each academic year, children will study a number of different geographical topics that are woven in to the creative curriculum. These topics are taught in alternation with the history topics.



We are passionate that children should have the opportunity to learn geographical skills through first-hand experiences; therefore they are given as many opportunities as possible to visit different local landscapes and environments, allowing them to make comparisons and connections. The knowledge and skills they are taught are built upon year by year so that by the time they are ready to enter Key Stage 3, they have a good understanding of the planet they live on and how it works.

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