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Science is a core subject and as such it plays a vital role in our creative curriculum. We ensure at least one topic per year has a strong science focus and the other topics have rich science content running throughout ensuring we meet the National Curriculum requirements for Science across the school. We  encourage and develop our children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and provide them with the necessary knowledge and investigative skills to answer their questions. We believe that trips, visits and experiences enhance the learning experiences and as a result we plan at least one science based trip, visit or experience every year. For example, previous trips and visitors have included: the Science Museum, Kew Gardens, Wakehurst Place, lancing College farm, STEM Sussex workshops and local area visits, such as to the River Adur and teh beach.

Working Scientifically

We place great emphasis on enabling children to develop skills of scientific enquiry including: raising questions, making predictions, carrying out practical work, collecting and organising results, drawing conclusions and evaluating methods and the reliability of their findings. Giving children the opportunity to plan and carry out their own investigations is important and we endeavour to make the experiences as exciting, interesting and realistic as possible for the children, including using a wide variety of scientific resources and equipment.

Cross curricular links

Children have many opportunities within our topic-based approach to learning to make links between science and other subjects. For example children are taught how their mathematical calculation and statistical skills can be used to read, analyse and draw conclusions from their results. There are also regular opportunities for children to improve their literacy skills through reading information, writing about their investigations, and spelling key scientific vocabulary.


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