Welcome to Buckingham Park Primary School

Buckingham Park Primary School is a happy and healthy place to learn.

We are a larger than average community school, with approximately 520 pupils arranged into 19 classes.

We are very proud that our school is a safe, vibrant, purposeful place of learning where the head teacher knows the name of every single child.

Our spacious school, with its extensive grounds, is at the heart of our community and we work closely with families to help our children develop the essential skills for a happy and fulfilled life.

We work hard to cultivate and nurture attitudes of support, respect and care in all our activities and relationships and for all our children.

Equally important is learning. We set high standards in everything we do and strongly believe in the importance of the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

At Buckingham Park, we believe that primary school education is an experience that all children should enjoy to the full. We therefore offer a broad and balanced curriculum and pride ourselves on the quality of care provided to all pupils. Helping children to develop into happy, responsible citizens, who are able to make a positive contribution to our world, is at the heart of our work. We actively listen to the voices of parents and children.

This website with its photographs, children’s work, quotes and news updates should give you a picture of life at Buckingham Park Primary School but do please come and see the school at work and discover how your child could thrive here.

If you require paper copies of any of the documents you find on the website please ask at the school office and we will provide you with them free of charge.

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Week commencing 19th June:

Mon 19th June: Y5 Stay and do

Tues 20th June: Y1 Stay and do

Tues 20th June: Wagtails class assembly

Wed 21st June: Y2 Stay and do

Wed 21st June: "Meet the teacher" meeting @2.00pm & 6.00pm for parents of children joining us in Reception in September 2017.

Thurs 22nd June: Y3 Stay and do

Thurs 22nd June: Nuthatches class assembly

Fri 23rd June: Y4 Stay and do

Fri 23rd June: Bramblings class trip to Brighton City Airport

Week commencing 26th June

Monday 26th June: Y1 Stay and do

Tues 27th June: Blackbirds class assembly

Tues 27th June: Y2 trip to Wakehurst Place

Tues 27th June: 'Stay and play' @3.05-3.45pm for children joining Reception in Sept 17

Wed 28th June: Y5 Fun day at Shoreham Academy

Wed 28th June: Y3 Stay and do

Thurs 29th June: Y4 Stay and do

Thurs 29th June: Seagulls class assembly

Thurs 29th June: 'Stay and play' @3.05-3.45pm for children joining Reception in Sept 17

Fri 30th June: Y2 Stay and play

Fri 30th June: Nightingales trip to Shoreham Airport


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Attendance Winners for week ending 16/6/17 are: Wagtails class with 100% and Kestrels class with 97.9% - Well done!

Whole school attendance for this term is 96.2%

Buckingham Park Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.