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School Staff

We are very proud of our school staff who work as a great team to deliver quality teaching and learning experiences to all the children at Buckingham Park.


Teacher Year Group Class Name
Mr P Everitt Reception

Robins EYFS Leader

Miss C Powell-Page Reception Finches
Mrs V Blondel Reception Finches
Mrs H Hunt Reception Linnets 
Mrs H Tedman Reception Linnets
Miss C Malone Year 1

Wrens Y1 Leader

Miss K Barrett Year 1 Nightingales
Mrs B Dalziel Year 1 Bramblings
Miss R Lacey Year 2

Swallows Y2 Leader

Miss B Walker Year 2 Wagtails
Miss T Carter Year 2 Nuthatches 
Mrs V White Year 3

Kestrels  Y3 Leader

Mrs S Thomas Year 3 Skylarks 
Miss C Wade and Mrs R De Cornet Year 3 Tawny Owls
Mr A Webster Year 4

Woodpeckers Y4 Leader

Miss A Skilton Year 4 Jays
Mrs T Mayler Year 4 Kittiwakes
Ms A Moore Year 5

Redwings  Y5 Leader

Mr T Goodyer Year 5 Lapwings 
Mrs E White Year 5 Swifts
Mr G Shaw  Year 6


Mr N Hollisey-McLean Year 6


Assistant head teacher and 

Y6 Leader

Miss M Lynwood Year 6 Kingfishers
Mrs K Shackman PPA teacher Y4 and Y5
Mrs S Emberlin PPA teacher Y2 and Y3
Mrs G Ford PPA teacher EYFS, Y1 and Y2
Mrs A Harker PPA Teacher Y6
Mrs K Tozer SENCO  
Mrs P Zaft Maths and Reading Intervention   Maths intervention teacher 

Support Staff

Mrs M Chisholm Reception Finches Learning support
Mrs C Hall  Reception Robins Learning support
Mrs S Brand Reception Robins Individual needs assistant
Mrs C O'Rourke Reception Linnets Learning support 
Mrs C Figueiredo Reception Linnets Individual needs assistant
Miss A Legg Y1 Bramblings Individual needs assistant
Miss S Ryan Y1 Bramblings Learning support and HLTA
Mrs L Morgan  Y1 Wrens Learning support
Mrs G Deacon Y1 Nightingales Learning support
Mrs M Hine Y1 Nightingales Individual needs assistant
Mrs K Greenwood Y2 Wagtails Learning Support 
Mrs M Hussein Y2 Nuthatches Learning support
Mrs J Roberts and Mrs J Levick Y2 Swallows Learning support
Mrs C Gratwick Y3 Learning support
Miss C Grover Y3 Tawny Owls  Individual needs assistant
Mrs L Hawker Y4 Jays  Learning support
Mrs M Cook Y3 Skyarks Individual needs assistant
Mrs J Wakefield and Mr C Loftin  Y4 Kittiwakes  Individual needs assistant
Ms L Breedon Y5 Lapwings Individual needs assistant
Ms L Mears Y6  Learning Mentor

Ms K Loom

Mrs S Prebble 

Whole school

Pupil counsellor/parent liaison

Pupil Well being practitioner

Mr G Munnery Whole school

School crossing patrol/premises assistant/sports coach

Mr K Steele Whole school

Premises Officer


School Leaders

Mrs L Swann  Head teacher Senior Leadership Team
Ms  K Astle  Deputy head teacher Senior Leadership Team
Mr N Hollisey-McLean 


Assistant head teacher


Senior Leadership Team

Y6 Leader

Mrs V White

 Y3 leader

Mathematics curriculum leader

Middle leader
Miss C Malone 

 Y1 leader

Middle leader

Miss R Lacey 

 Y2 leader Middle leader

Mr A Webster

Y4 leader Middle leader

Ms A Moore

Y5 leader Middle leader

Mr P Everitt

EYFS leader Middle leader
Mrs K Tozer


Middle leader


Office Staff

Mrs L Hill Bursar School Finance, Staff HR, Educational Visits Coordinator, School Lunches, Uniform, Administration.

Mrs S Heasman

Clerical Welfare/Main First Aid Class administration, Lead First Aid/pupil welfare/medical needs.
Mrs L Jones Senior Administrator

School administration, pupil and parent support, First Aid

Vacancy  Receptionist/Attendance Officer

Front office, attendance, general queries, clubs, visitors, First Aid


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