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School Staff

We are very proud of our school staff who work as a great team to deliver quality teaching and learning experiences to all the children at Buckingham Park.


Teacher Year Group Class Name
Mrs Delaney Reception 


Ms Ford Reception Finches
Miss Lacey Reception Linnets 
Mrs Hunt  Year 1

Wrens (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) Y1 Leader

Mrs Tedman  Year 1 Wrens
Miss Hastie Year 1 Nightingales
Miss Walker Year 1 Bramblings
Miss Powell-Page Year 2 Swallows  Y2 Leader
Miss Wade  Year 2 Wagtails (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Mrs De Cornet Year 2 Wagtails (Wed, Thurs, Fri)
Miss Sylvester Year 2 Nuthatches 
Miss Watkins Year 3 Kestrels  Y3 Leader
Mrs Mayler Year 3 Skylarks 
Mr Goodyer Year 3 Tawny Owls
Mr Hollisey-McLean Year 4 Kittiwakes Y4 Leader
Mr Clarke Year 4 Jays
Mrs Thomas  Year 4 Woodpeckers
Ms Moore Year 5 Lapwings  Y5 Leader
Mrs Inglis Year 5 Redwings 
Mr Webster Year 6 Blackbirds  Y6 Leader
Mr Leinster Year 6 Swifts (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
Mrs Harker Year 6 Swifts (Tues)
Mrs White Year 6 Seagulls
Mrs Harker PPA teacher KS2 (Monday)
Mrs Shackman PPA teacher KS2 
Mrs Emberlin PPA teacher KS1 and 2
Mrs Ford PPA Teacher KS1 and EYFS
Mrs Salter SENCO  
Mrs Zaft Y3 and Y4 Maths intervention  Tuesday and Thursday 

Support Staff

Ms Hawker Reception Finches Learning support
  Reception Linnets Learning support
Mrs Mann Reception Robins Learning support
Mrs Levick Y1  Learning support
Miss English  Y1  
Mrs Gratwick Y1  Learning support
Mrs Greenwood Y3 Learning support
Ms Collins  Y1 Individual needs assistant 
Mrs Hussein Y2  Learning support
Mrs Roberts Y2  Learning support
  Y2  Learning support
Mrs Croft KS2 Learning support
Mr Loftin KS2 Pastoral support
Mrs Wakefield  KS2 Individual needs assistant 
Ms Loom Whole school

Pupil counsellor/Parent liaison

Mr Munnery Whole school

Lunchtime assistant

School Crossing Patrol

Football coach

Mr Steele Whole school Premises Manager


School Leaders

Mrs Swann Head teacher Senior Leadership Team
Ms Astle Deputy headteacher Senior Leadership Team
Mr Hollisey-McLean 

Y4 Team leader, Y4/5/6 Phase leader and English Co-ordinator

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Hunt 

Y1 team leader and EYFS/Y1 Phase Leader

Senior Leadership Team
Miss Powell Page Y2 leader Middle leader
Miss Watkins  Y3 Team leader  and Y2/3 Phase Leader Senior Leadership Team
Ms Moore     Y5 leader Middle leader
Mr Webster Y6 leader Middle leader
Mrs Delaney  EYFS leader Middle leader
Mr Clarke  Assessment leader and Curriculum leader Senior Leadership Team
Mrs White  Maths Co-ordinator Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Salter SENCO/Inclusion Co-ordinator  Senior Leadership Team


Our Office Staff

Mrs Heasman Attendance Officer Clerical/First Aid and pupil welfare/pupil attendance, after school clubs and community events
Mrs Hill Bursar School finance
Mrs Jones Receptionist  
Mrs Heal Receptionist and Clerk to the governors Clerical support/Attendance


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