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Early Years Foundation Stage


A secure start

Starting school is a special and exciting time for children and families. The early years staff have the unique and important role of making their pupils' first experience of school a happy one. They organise a range of events and activities to ease this transition from preschool to reception, from nursery visits to stay and play sessions. From the very beginning they aim to build positive partnerships with all of our families, working together in the best interest of the children.

Creative Curriculum

The early years staff deliver a fun and creative curriculum, accessed through well-planned and purposeful play. It is widely accepted that this is the best way for young children to learn. To engage and motivate the children many learning experiences are based on their own interests. Most of the activities happen in small groups but there are also several daily whole class sessions. These focus on aspects of literacy, numeracy and phonics. We also include opportunities for other important foundation topics such as geography, history, science and RE. There is, of course, plenty of story telling and singing. 


Enabling environments

The indoor learning spaces are divided into 'workshops', where resources are organised into specific areas of learning. Children are able to enhance the 'workshops' with a range of natural and man-made resources which encourages independence and problem solving.  The outdoor area has a sensory garden, a large space for games and wheeled vehicles, an adventure trail climbing frame and an extensive field for active play and a small woodland for exploration. The indoor and outdoor classrooms are valued equally for the very different types of learning experience they offer.

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