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We recognise that it is imperative that we develop pupils' spoken language so that they can express, clarify and justify their ideas, articulate their learning, and ask questions as well as work confidently with their peers.  As a result, our curriculum allows all of our pupils to achieve success and make progress, stretching the high prior attainers and supporting pupils who have barriers to learning.

We ensure that learning is structured and carefully sequenced, and links are made within and between subjects to enable a deeper understanding and embedding of what we want our children to know and be able to do. Building on prior knowledge, optimising cognitive load and working collaboratively are the key features of our approach to curriculum delivery, enabling our learners to achieve the highest possible standards.

We set high standards in all that we do, and strongly believe in the importance of the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics, as well as a broad and balanced curriculum.  We give high priority to a wide range of subjects.  Throughout children’s time at Buckingham Park, we provide high quality learning opportunities to increase children’s knowledge, skills, experience and understanding. We aim to create a climate for growth in which pupils can discover their strengths, talents and love for learning.  Our expert members of staff deliver a broad and balanced curriculum centred on a rich diet of learning experiences. This is underpinned by our vision of Learning together, Learning for Life. 

Mrs Kim Brown 

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