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PE at Buckingham Park Primary School

PE is a unique curriculum area with physical competency at its heart. At Buckingham Park Primary School, we believe every child has the ability to improve and achieve their full potential. PE not only develops children as physical beings, but also helps to nurture their thinking skills, social skills and understanding of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Play has great purpose in PE, whereby children can develop their physical and thinking skills within a meaningful context. By acquiring skills and knowledge, practising and refining, the children widen their field of knowledge and develop physical competency as they progress through the school. The application of skills across different sports and physical activities facilitates improvements in confidence, which can further support improvements in competence. The planned introduction of new skills and knowledge helps widen each child's field of knowledge,forming a solid foundation for pupils as they progress into Key Stage 3 and beyond. 



The PE curriculum design at Buckingham Park Primary School focuses on the progressive development of skills and knowledge. This is facilitated by our carefully designed curriculum, learning resources available through GetSet4PE and core tasks that reflect a high standard for all pupils to strive towards. As the pupils progress from year-to-year, skills and knowledge are revisited and revised. This offers greater opportunity for these to become embedded within the long-term memory, thus enabling pupils to develop greater fluency and application. Further new skills are developed to build upon the pupils’ prior knowledge. Our lessons are personalized to our learners, giving all teachers autonomy in scaffolding lessons appropriately to close any gaps. This dynamic, flexible practice enables all pupils the greatest opportunity to succeed.

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At Buckingham Park Primary School, we believe that PE can be a vital and unique contributor to a child’s development. Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to develop physically active pupils who can flourish in a range of physical activities, who can gain enjoyment from cooperation and competition and who understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, maintaining positive dispositions. We believe the teaching and learning of PE forms the foundations for a healthy life, both within and beyond school.

The aims of our PE curriculum are to develop pupils who:

  • are motivated to practise skills in a range of different activities and contexts: alone, in small groups and in teams
  • are able to improve their own and others’ performance
  • can remain physically active for sustained periods of time and have an understanding of the importance of this in promoting long-term health and wellbeing
  • can apply their skills in chosen activities to achieve exceptionally high levels of performance
  • have and maintain high levels of physical fitness
  • lead a healthy lifestyle
  • become motivated young leaders who instil positive sporting attitudes in others
  • employ imagination and creativity in their choreography, tactics and techniques
  • have positive learning attitudes
  • are confident to participate competitively, in both intra and inter-school competition
  • compete in a fair and respectful manner, developing a strong connection with our school values


The successful teaching of PE at Buckingham Park Primary School is a precursor to a lifelong enjoyment of sport and physical activity. Through our bespoke PE curriculum design, school sport offering and opportunities for physical activity, our motivated pupils are given the opportunity to excel, facilitating their achievement of age-related expectations and above. While at Buckingham Park Primary School, the pupils unlock the link between remaining physically active and leading a prolonged, healthy life. They grow their self-confidence through the recognition and celebration of improvement, clear feedback and participation in safe competition. They develop into well-rounded and thoughtful individuals who are ready to progress through their academic life and beyond, equipped with the positive dispositions and values that we nurture.

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