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Our School Day

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Breakfast Club

Breakfast club starts at 7.45 am and takes place in our breakfast room.  Children are dropped off at main school office from 7.45 am onwards. A healthy breakfast is provided for children. The cost of the sessions is kept as low as possible at £4.00 per day, however please note that places need to be booked in advance. Please contact the office to collect the booking form.

Start of the School Day

We operate a flexible start to the school day whereby children are able to come straight into the classroom from 8.40 am. Classroom doors close at 8.50 a.m so that the register can be taken. Teachers are available at this time for a very brief word from parents if there is a message they need to pass on about their child. This helps to build relationships between home and school – good links with parents are vital. If a lengthier discussion is required, you are welcome to talk to the teacher at the end of the day or to contact the office to make an appointment to meet the teacher at another time.

On various days of the week parents and/or grandparents are invited in to stay and read or play games with their child until 9.10 am. This has proved to be very successful initiative which is enjoyed by parents, grandparents and children.

For Reception children, parents are invited to accompany their child into the classroom for the first half term; assisting them with hanging up their coats and helping them to settle with an activity. Further into the term, the children are encouraged to be more independent so that, by the end of the year, they are happy settling themselves at school.

Morning Break time

Children in Reception have free flow access to the outdoor learning environment throughout the day from 9.30 am so they do not have a specific break time.

Children in Key stage 1 have a 15 minute break from 10-30-10.45 a.m and breaktime for Key Stage 2 pupils is  11 a.m to 11.15 a.m

Lunch time

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Our younger children go straight to lunch at 12 noon before playing outside once they have finished eating.

All pupils in YR, Y1 and Y2 are entitled to free school meals.

Years 3 to 6: 

Our older children go out to play first at 12.15 

Each year group will then go in to have lunch from 12.30 pm onwards.

Children may bring a packed lunch from home or have a hot school meal provided by Chartwells www.mealselector.co.uk.  The school has a kitchen which steam heats Chartwell's healthy meals.  These must be ordered in advance and are paid for online.  Please check Chartwell's website for details.

Free school meals are provided for all those children who are eligible.

We now receive additional funding for children who claim their free school meals, whether or not they actually take up the offer.  This additional funding is called Pupil Premium and we are required to spend it in the best way possible to ensure that those eligible are given extra assistance in school.  It is therefore really important that as many eligible children as possible claim.  The office staff can answer any questions you may have about this, in confidence.

When planning your child's packed lunch, please minimise the packaging by using reusable boxes . All rubbish will be sent home in your child's lunchbox along with anything that is uneaten.

Further information about lunchtime can be found on the 'meals' page.

The end of the day

Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 are collected at 3.05 pm from outside their classrooms.

Years 3 to 6 are collected at 3.05 pm either at the front of the school or from outside their classrooms.

Teachers stay with the children while they are collected and are usually available for brief discussions with parents.

After School Clubs

Our teachers run a fantastic variety of extracurricular clubs for Years 1 to 6, which changes from term to term.  The list is circulated at the end of the previous term and forms should be submitted to the office as soon as possible. There is a charge of £1 per week for clubs run by teachers and differing prices for clubs run by external organisations. 

Collection after clubs:  children are collected at 4 pm from the first doorway in the playground, unless otherwise specified.

Teatime After School Club

After school childcare is provided until from 3.05 pm -5pm in our Teatime Club. Prices are kept as low as possible at £5. Childcare is provided until 5.30pm at an additional charge of £1. There is generally a waiting list for Teatime Club so places must be booked in advance.  Please contact the office to find out about availability.  Children are collected from the Teatime Club entrance in Upper School.

We maintain the right to refuse attendance if we feel that a child is unable to cope with the extended school day.


Travelling to School

We would love everyone to get to school under their own steam – be that on foot, by scooter or by bicycle.  It is healthy!  Please make sure that your child wears a helmet if they are riding to school. Bike and scooter racks are available.

We appreciate that it is not possible for everyone to walk to school and that some parents and carers need to drive their children to school.  Please park wisely, with consideration to our neighbours.  Please also park legally:  the zig zag lines are there to protect the children.


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