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Mark Wilson, Co-opted Governor

I have worked in Education and ICT for over 20 years now, but I am still as passionate about the best use of ICT in education as I was when I started.  I have worked in both the public and private sectors advising schools on the best use of their technology, in order to fulfil its full potential for teaching and learning.  I hope that I am able to use my expertise in this sector to inform decisions, as part of the governing body of Buckingham Park, as there is always progress to be made in this exciting and constantly changing environment.

I have two children, one of which is in Year 1 at Buckingham Park.  I have a love of music and in my spare time I DJ in local venues and host a monthly radio show, which keeps me busy and keeps my home full of vinyl!

Edward Preece, Parent Governor

I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in 2016.

Having spent a large part of my career within the automotive and engineering fields and more recently with my current employment, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and working experience in the areas of health and safety, team management and business methodologies.

I hope to bring a positive influence to the Governor group, assisting and encouraging change for the betterment of the school and the learning environment for our children. I have been assigned the roles of monitoring and reporting on Health and Safety, Premises and First Aid and Managing Medical Conditions.

I am a father of three, all of which are, or have been taught at the school and I have been impressed with the standards of teaching and the support given to pupils to encourage educational progress no matter what their background or need. Having seen first-hand the work produced by all year groups, I know we have a very good school that we should be proud of and should support in whichever way we can.

In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking and training for and running marathons, carrying out my duties as a Retained Firefighter at Shoreham and not forgetting my role as a Parent Governor at Buckingham.

Simon Gale, Local Authority Governor

I have been a governor for around 15 years now at three different schools, two junior and one senior (Itchingfield/Barns Green – The Weald School and Buckingham Park). Over this time I have found the whole experience demanding, challenging but most of all enjoyable. I now work as an IT Consultant for Heathrow Airport. My background is in Engineering, Electronics and IT systems; over the years with BAA I have had a numbers of key team roles, based at both Gatwick and Heathrow.  I have established and operated my own IT Consultancy business for 24 years, and this has provided me with a range of business skills.

I really enjoy helping in the school environment, the areas where I can add most value to the school are in finance, premises and organisation.  I work closely with the school bursar, overseeing financial matters; and I chair the school Finance and Staffing Committees. It is nice to be able to give something back to the school in these very important areas.

Leslie Groves Williams, Co-opted Governor

I have a PhD in organisational change and child rights from Edinburgh University. I have twenty years’ experience of advising local organisations, government and international organisations to improve performance and accountability in relation to inclusion, equalities and child rights in 31 countries across the world. I have a strong commitment to my local community, with a rich experience of volunteering with local community organisations. I am currently working as a Justice of the Peace and am Chair of the Adur Green Party. I have one child who has just moved onto secondary school from Buckingham Park, and one child still at the school.

As a member of Buckingham Park Primary’s governing body, I hope that I bring three distinct strands of experience. Firstly, my experience of supporting organisations to develop their vision, values and strategic direction. Secondly, my experience as an organisational evaluator to assist with process and procedures and keeping an overview of how money is being spent. Finally, my experience of inclusion and rights policy and practice to support the school as it continues to promote equality, good relations and diversity to ensure that all pupils are able to make the most of their primary school experience.

Sarah Rogers, Parent Governor

I became a Governor at Buckingham Park in November 2017. I have two children at the school, my eldest joining in Year 2 after we relocated from Sydney, Australia, in 2015.

From the first time I visited the school, I could see that it was a bright, positive and happy place to be. It was obvious that the people leading the school were passionate, dedicated and forward-thinking. And now I’m really pleased to be on the Governing Body and playing a part in making Buckingham Park the very best place possible for its children and families.

I am a writer, editor and communications specialist, primarily in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. I worked in finance marketing for nine years, before leaving to start my own copywriting business. I also wrote, edited and published a parenting magazine for four years.

I love travelling, especially exploring Europe since moving to this hemisphere. I also love cooking, printmaking, and spending time with friends and family.

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