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Recognised as the world's most widely used reading software, Accelerated Reader motivates pupils of all ages and abilities to read more books for pleasure. This helps our teachers accurately and efficiently monitor reading progress through the quantity, difficulty and comprehension of books read independently. Accelerated Reader offeres more than 27,000 quizzes  on the most popular fiction and non-fiction titles to determine whether a pupil has understood what they have read. More than 4,000 schools nationwide use Accelerated Reader, with pupils showing an average of two years' growth in just one academic year.

Accelerated Reader allows children and parents to access the program using Renaissance Home Connect - To login, please use the following link: https://ukhosted93.renlearn.co.uk/3317154/

Read the book

  • Pick a book you think you'll enjoy;
  • Check it is within your ZPD;
  • Start reading!

Take the quiz

  • Take the quiz as soon as you finish the book;
  • Check you've got the right quiz - look at the quiz number.

Get your results

  • Review any questions;
  • Check your progress;
  • Take the Vocabulary Quiz (if available).

AR BookFinder

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AR BookFinder is an online search tool that will help you find appropriate Accelerated Reader books.

Visit http://www.arbookfind.co.uk to search and create your own reading list.

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